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Interessert i klatrekurs med Tom Randall? Her finner du mer informasjon


Who are you?

I'm Tom Randall, a British trad and adventure climber who's got a particular interest in crack climbing and endurance challenges! I've been climbing for around 20 years and over the last decade really specialised in trying to establish and repeat many of the world's hardest crack climbs. I've completed a lot of these with my long term climbing partner Pete Whittaker, who also happens to join me in a lot of the crazy 24hr challenges too! I'm a dad and husband and love having a house filled to the brim with family, friends and random people on a daily basis... chaos feels very familiar to me! 


What do you do for a living?

My lifestyle is a fairly unusual balance of being a professional athlete and entrepreneur - I try and maintain around a 50:50 balance between climbing and training my projects and also managing a growing a number of businesses. Mostly my work is involved with the climbing world and I do a number of things from climbing gyms, product manufacturing and coaching services. 


What do you like the most with Norway?

I've travelled a lot to Norway over the last 5 years and I absolutely love the country - there's so many things that feel like home for me! The Norwegian people are actually very similar to the Brits (they happen to have a good dark sense of humour and like a drink or two) and then the climbing just blows everything else out of the water. The rock and access to it is just unbelievable.  


Do you like pineapple on your pizza?

Yes I love pineapple on a pizza. It's good with some ham too :-) 


What’s your favorite candy?

It's maybe a bit controversial, but I really like chewing gum. I think I've tried pretty much every flavour and brand out there!